Drift Film

An Animated Story


DRIFT is an edgy, animated feature film for a pre-teen and older audience that is in development. It is a coming-of-age story in the world of music and underground street racing set thirty years in the future. Drift racing is a metaphor for life and the trials and tribulations of growing up. Like most of us when we’re young, our hero Maco faces many obstacles as he tries to find his path in life. Through adversity, he learns to let his heart lead the way, embraces his passion and is finally able to move forward.

Director: Steve Jung
Executive Producer: Swift Lee

A Creative Journey

Our talented team of artists are currently collaborating to bring the characters and world of Drift to life. Highlighting hip hop music, breakdancing and street racing, the film embraces the underground culture, future-tech, and the passion of youth.

Our Characters

The Drift characters are shaped by the same experiences and roadblocks that face today's youth. Our story inspires young people to chase their passion and dreams.