Land of Loud Flavors

Budweiser - RadicalMedia


Land of Loud Flavors

Parallax Studios teamed up with Budweiser and RadicalMedia to create the Bud Light Seltzer “Land of Loud Flavors” commercial spot for Super Bowl LVI, starring Guy Fieri.

Inspired by Guy’s signature Americana style and iconic fantasy realms like Oz and Westeros, our artists developed an immersive new world. From the main street of Flavor City to the junk food topiary garden to Guy’s very own war room, we had a blast bringing to life this exciting, "taste"-ful commercial, fit for the mayor of Flavortown.

Inspired by this flavorful world, we created an official map graphic of "The Land of Loud Flavors." This was distributed to customers, vendors and stakeholders to stir up excitement for the future of Bud Light Seltzer.